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The launch of the first livestock auction platform in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority announced the launch of the first permanent platform for animal wealth auctions in the emirate, in the Al Wathba market and slaughterhouse, to help breeders market their products, in a way that supports efforts to develop livestock and self-sufficiency in red meat.

The authority confirmed, during a press conference organized by the announcement, that the platform will start its work starting tomorrow, in cooperation with the advanced scientific group, and will continue next Wednesday, pointing to allocating the first day of the auction for the sale of 158 heads of presidential camels, with the proceeds being distributed as zakat from the presidential camels to Al-Mataya, while from the second to the fourth day of the auction, 130 camels and rams (young camels) will be sold, pointing out that the auctions will continue on a regular basis, to market the products of livestock breeders directly to the public.

The Director General of the Authority, Saeed Al-Bahri Al-Amiri, said that the opening of the platform represents a great impetus to encourage farmers and livestock breeders in Abu Dhabi to increase their production and maximize the contribution of local livestock to meeting market needs.

Rashed Muhammad Rasas Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Animal Wealth Sector at the authority, stated that the platform includes 31 barns, which can accommodate about 100 heads of camels, 40 heads of camels, in addition to 200 heads of sheep and goats, pointing out that the platform can accommodate more than 250 people. The public, with the provision of an outdoor space, and parking spaces for about 154 cars, in addition to service facilities, restaurants, and shops dedicated to selling fodder and farm supplies, and other facilities that will add an atmosphere of fun and entertainment to auctioneers.

For his part, the CEO of the Advanced Scientific Group, which is in charge of organizing the first auction of livestock, Khalifa Abdullah bin Thani Al-Nuaimi, said that the camels participating in the first auctions of the livestock auction platform belong to purebred and strong breeds, and the age of the young camels participating is less than a year, including Marks a strong start for the auction platform.


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