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The Emirates, “The Talk of the Arabs” in the “Super Night”

Murad Al Masri (Al Ain)

The Emirates led the talk of the Arab arena, across various platforms, with its hosting of the Egyptian Super Cup, which brought together Zamalek and Al-Ahly in Al-Ain, and through it our country showed once again that it is the home of major sporting events in general, and the land of the “Arabs” by its continuous embrace of this type of “super” confrontations.

The tweeters circulated the details of the event, amid intense follow-up, through the many and varied media that covered the occasion, or on the individual level, given the overwhelming popularity of the two clubs, whether in Egypt or in the Arab world in general.
The beautiful scenes of the fans on the stands were a tyrant, amid the wonderful atmosphere that was prepared inside and outside Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, and turned the meeting into a festive carnival of the Emirati-Egyptian relations that celebrate 50 years.
The audience in attendance circulated their pictures and distinguished videos from the heart of the event, amid a great interaction, conveying the joyful atmosphere to the Arab world and the whole world.
Al-Ahmar fans celebrated by escorting their team bus through the streets of Al Ain to the hotel’s residence, in a wonderful atmosphere in Dar Al-Zein, to express their joy at winning the “Super 12”.
Before the “kick-off”, the fans escorted the two buses of the two teams, through the Zamalek fans walking behind the “Al-Abyad” bus, and the Al-Ahly fans behind the “Al-Ahmar” bus, before the winning fans completed the journey again accompanied by their title-crowned team.
Hazza bin Zayed Stadium won the challenge again by hosting a major event, and what is remarkable this time is the ability to host the final of the Cup of His Highness the President of the State, and then the Egyptian Super Cup within one week, with the same determination and success with the “10 out of 10” score.
The Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain is no stranger to its superiority in hosting the largest and most important international football events, which has previously hosted the Egyptian Super Cup as well, as well as matches in the Club World Cup on more than one occasion, the Asian Football Cup, and many local final matches. The prominent matches of Al Ain in the continental and foreign competitions.
The stadium has witnessed the culmination of many teams and teams since its opening in 2014, by hosting a match between Al Ain and Manchester City, crowned with the English Premier League title. The stadium is distinguished by its distinguished architectural design and the latest of its kind in the world.
Hazza bin Zayed Stadium is the first stadium in the world to be specially designed to provide full shade for all fans, according to its advanced structural design, and by using a movable roof canopy to cover the stadium and seats when needed, which was done by following unique and unprecedented specifications that were developed technically and engineering according to the latest technologies. To enhance the flow of air movement, by designing its roof to cover the stadium and audience seats in the hot summer season, during the football season matches and various sporting events held on its ground.

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