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Retrieving vehicle tires, seats and packaging from Al Majaz Waterfront

Yesterday, a marine cleaning campaign organized by Sharjah Aquarium revealed the presence of 580 kg of waste at Al Majaz Waterfront, which included car tires, office chairs, bags, plastic containers, and others.

The weight of one of the tires extracted from the façade was 100 kg.

The Secretary of the Sharjah Aquarium, Rashid Al Shamsi, told Emirates Today that the campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of the marine environment for the sustainability of fish wealth, adding that 40 divers participated in this year’s campaign.

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Bee’ah, the Civil Defense Authority (represented by the Maritime Rescue), Sharjah City Municipality, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, National Ambulance and Sharjah Police participated in the campaign.

Al Shamsi added that the weight of the waste extracted by the campaign, during the period from 2016 to 2021, exceeds 14 tons.

He said, “The Sharjah Aquarium’s plan for the next year includes visiting the places where the campaign was held during the past years, to ensure the effectiveness of its impact.”

He pointed out that «choosing Al Majaz Waterfront to hold the campaign in it comes from the fact that it is a vital area teeming with visitors, and is exposed to many wrong practices».

He stated that the extracted waste will be disposed of in standard ways.

Rashid Al Shamsi:

“The campaign to clean the marine environment aims to raise awareness of the risks of waste on the sustainability of fisheries.”


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