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Requests for extra-curricular activities drain the efforts of the students’ parents and their pockets

Families of students in private schools reported that their children’s schools overburden them with the multiplicity of supplies, such as clothes and others, that are required to be purchased in order to participate in events or that are suitable for certain educational activities.

And they saw that private schools masterfully exhaust families financially, although they can bring learning aids, activities and ceremonies, and then keep them for students to use continuously, and hand them over from one class to another.

For her part, the principal of a private school emphasized the importance of enrichment services and requests, and extra-curricular activities in enriching the student’s knowledge and shaping his personality, adding that “it is not possible to keep clothes for activities, and students take turns to wear them, in order to preserve their health.”

And in detail; Muhammad Abdul Rahman (the father of three students) confirmed his severe suffering with the requests of his children’s school, which he described as “strange” and “expensive.”

He explained that his son is in the nursery, and is surprised every period by a request from his teacher, to buy clothes in the shape of a specific animal, which requires him to search for these clothes, and pay exaggerated amounts.

He added, “With regard to my two daughters, the eldest is in the fifth grade, and the youngest is in the third grade, and each of them was asked to buy a T-shirt in a specific color and with certain specifications, to celebrate an occasion, which forced me to spend the day off looking for them in the market.”

He continued, “These requests drain the effort and time of the students’ families in searching for them in the shops, and exhaust them financially.”

Imad Ibrahim (the father of a student) said that the requests of some private schools do not end. “Every week, a new request is made with additional fees without interest, especially since it is completely removed from the educational process, and then the students’ families are required to pay their children’s education fees, and to pay the fees for requests for extra-curricular activities.” Pointing out that “school requests increase the financial burden on families, while a number of them cannot afford these expenses.”

Shaima Khaled (a student’s mother) said, “The number of activities that private schools impose on students at various stages of education is very large, and has become exaggerated. There is a different activity every week, with different fees, that includes trips, projects, competitions, celebrations, and days that we see in all colors.”

She added, “In my opinion, the demands that exhaust parents, and force them to always face additional burdens in addition to the basic duties of their children, do not bring benefit to the student, so those activities and their effectiveness should be rethought and their feasibility verified.”

She indicated that these activities require a new budget, in addition to tuition fees, school buses, school uniforms and books, adding: “We want schools to take into account the circumstances of families, not to exaggerate their requests, and to be able to bring aids for learning, and requirements for activities and celebrations on various occasions, and then keep them.” For students to use it continuously, and hand it over to another class.

For her part, a private school principal, who preferred not to be named, considered that “the diversity of activities in the educational process is important to enrich students’ knowledge.”

She stated that “activity-based learning is an effective way to transform education into an interactive one, by providing real activities with which the student interacts.”

And she said, “It is not possible to keep clothes for activities, so that students take turns wearing them, in order to preserve their health,” noting that “most requests for extra-curricular activities are optional, and the student is not forced to do them.” Also, the school does not sell these supplies to the students’ parents, and they can buy them from anywhere and at any price without the school’s intervention.

“Diversity of activities in the educational process is important to enrich students’ knowledge.”


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