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NFC Smart Watch 2022 New Men Business Smartwatch GPS Moverment Track Bluetooth Call Wireless Charging Fitness Bracelet

NFC Smart Watch 2022 New Men Business Smartwatch GPS Moverment Track Bluetooth Call Wireless Charging FitnessNFC Smart Watch 2022 New Men Business Smartwatch GPS Moverment Track Bluetooth Call Wireless Charging FitnessNFC Smart Watch 2022 New Men Business Smartwatch GPS Moverment Track Bluetooth Call Wireless Charging FitnessNFC Smart Watch 2022 New Men Business Smartwatch GPS Moverment Track Bluetooth Call Wireless Charging FitnessNFC Smart Watch 2022 New Men Business Smartwatch GPS Moverment Track Bluetooth Call Wireless Charging FitnessNFC Smart Watch 2022 New Men Business Smartwatch GPS Moverment Track Bluetooth Call Wireless Charging Fitness
Price: 164.99


Fashion on your wrist

GPS movement track | Alipay two-way Payment
Al Voice Assistant | NFC Access Control


High-class flagship choice

8 reasons why you have to buy

Narrow bezel / Two-way payment

GPS movement track / Al voice assistant

Double click to wake up the screen / 200+ watch faces

Bluetooth call / NFC Access Control


The beauty of future is on your wrist.

A new generation of 1.36INCH high-definition full screen, high pixel display resolution. The professional sharp screen display technology is added to make each screen display clear and smart. Narrow frame design, reject the interruption of thick black frame,Bring you a more open visual enjoyment .

60Hz high refresh rate
Smooth drag screen effect

1.36 inches
Full screen

390X390 resolution

32-bit color
High color reproduction


Fashion & Classic

The exterior design is simple, with a streamlined aluminum metal case. The 46mm uses a flat 4D glass mirror. The watch created under the design concept of[rimless arc] is the crystallization of our superior technology.


Rotary crown

Reshape the classic digital crown, turn tedious operations into simplicity, and allow interaction,It becomes simple and natural.


GPS movement track

Turn on the running function in the APP, the APP will record your next. GPS movement track, accurately record every step you made. Calorie consumption data will be pushed to the watch and stored for you to view.


NFC Access Control

Put on your watch before hang out, scan the code for payment by just raising your wrist When reaching home, the watch is your access control Raise your wrist to open the door quickly.

Note: Supports simulation of unencrypted door cards on the market with a frequency of 13.56MH.


Al voice assistan

Exclusive Al voice algorithm, listen and execute,always stand by. Double tap to wake up the voice assistant, completely free your hands,complete voice command through Al voice assistant. It's better to do it with your mouth, which is convenient and quick.


Two-way payment process

Support Alipay offline payment/collection, WeChat Payment, pull-down screen in standby mode,Whether buying drinks during exercise, or paying dinner after fitness,No need to use your mobile phone, just lift your wrist to scan, and you can easily scan the code in seconds with the watch. Quick payment.

Reminder: For payment larger than 100 RMB, please use your mobile phone.


Double click to wake up the screen. Restore the true nature of the watch

Double click to wake up the screen in standby status. Smart watch/watch mode switch at any time, independent clock/alarm setting. Allows you to use it even when your mobile phone is not with you.


Bluetooth call

Using high-fidelity waterproof speakers, Bluetooth hands-free calls, showing high-definition original sound. Whether it's sports or driving time, phone calls will be pushed to the watch in time.One-click answering, free your hands, and make communication more convenient.


Wireless charging

The energy is on the verge, and the way is more free Say goodbye to the shackles of wired charging and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging The newly upgraded overheating protection will automatically cut off the power when the temperature is too high.


200+ watch faces

This watch has a variety of new watch faces built-in, including a variety of dynamic dials. In addition, there are 200+ personalized dials on the dial market for you to choose from. not enough? Then turn the photos taken by the mobile phone and the favorite pictures into the background,DIY them into your favorite watch face. Every time the screen is turned on, it will give you a different experience.


Multi-sports mode

No matter which sport you like, there is a physical training program that suits you. Choose running, basketball.football, cycling, or other projects that interest you, Go for exercise as much as you like,it will help you to test every move.

Recovery time refers to the time it takes for the physical fitness to return to a fully recovered state after the exercise is completed, It reflects the state of physical fatigue during exercise.


Accurate heart rate monitoring, With hands-off monitoring sensor

Always watching on your heart health, you can monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day, to achieve [real-time heart rate monitoring] and [excessive heart rate warning]. This function is based on a biological tracking optical sensor, which helps effectively in monitoring.


Sleep monitoring

Accurately monitor the sleep stage, deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement period, nap, professionally interpret the sleep characteristics of each period, and perform sleep quality analysis to help you adjust your sleep habits and get a higher quality sleep.


Menstrual cycle reminder

The menstrual period and the ovulation period can not only be recorded, but also before the arrival intimate reminder, breathing exercise function, helpful for practicing yoga.


IP68 water resistant

IP68 water resistant and dustproof, when washing hands, rainy days, the watch can also be used normally. With professional sports performance, we are not afraid of challenges.

Note: Avoid hand sanitizer, soap, sea water and other corrosive liquids entering the watch to cause damage to the components


Multiple menu choices

Switching the menu style as you like, is a special feature customized specially for you, rich preset menus, Satisfying the diversified aesthetics, according to the mood, wear, and match the different occasions.



The smart watch is connected to the newly upgraded WearPro App. WearPro is an all-weather health management platform, Can record various sports and body state data



Screen:1.36TFT HD screen
Strap width:22mm

English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish,Greek, Latin,Romania, Turkey, Hebrew, Czech,Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean,Arabic, Persian

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*All data comes from our company's laboratory, which may vary due to environment.*




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