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Instagram starts rolling out scheduled posts

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Instagram is rolling out scheduled posts for professional accounts on its platform.

The new feature, which is being activated globally over the coming weeks, lets creators and businesses schedule an image, carousel or Reel up to 75 days in advance, offering greater control over how content is shared on the service.

To schedule a post on Instagram, first create the post as usual. But before you hit the share button, access the scheduling tools by selecting “Advanced settings.”

Next, toggle “Schedule this post,” and then choose the time and date that you want your post to go live on your followers’ feeds. And then navigate back to the Instagram post flow select “Schedule.” You can also manage scheduled posts once they’re set.

It’s not clear if non-professional accounts will get the scheduling feature anytime soon, though it’s possible to access it by switching your account to a professional one, which is free to do.

Truth be told, most folks on Instagram who wish to schedule posts have for a long time been using third-party apps that offer the feature. Doing it via Facebook’s Creator Studio is another method. But weaving it directly into the Instagram app itself should make it an even more seamless experience.

Just to reiterate – Instagram’s new scheduled posts feature is being rolled out over the coming weeks, so it may take a while yet to appear in the app.

Commenting on the new feature, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said in a video shared on his platform: “I call this a ‘finally’ feature, one of those things that we really should’ve gotten to a long time ago.”

Mosseri also announced a new Instagram.com website that he said is “cleaner, faster, easier to use, and designed now to take advantage of large-screen monitors, which have become more and more the norm.”

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