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«Gulf» motivates her two children to study with the charger cord

The Fujairah Federal Court of First Instance fined a mother (Gulf) 1,100 dirhams, for convicting her of assaulting the safety of her two children (8 and 10 years) by beating them, causing them a number of injuries after she exceeded the limits of her responsibility, and attributed before the court the reason for beating them with a phone charger wire to excel in their studies, and also ruled The Civil Court obligated it to pay 20,000 dirhams in compensation to the father of the two children, as a natural guardian of his two minor children.

In detail, the father of the two children submitted a report stating that his two sons had been beaten by their mother and attached a medical examination proving that the victim (10 years) had bruises and separate abrasions on the back, thighs and face, while the other (8 years) had a bruise in the upper left thigh, abrasions in the right thigh, abrasions and redness in the left leg and thigh. .

In the police investigations, the accused confessed to what was attributed to her, saying, “Yes, she hit the two children with the phone charger wire for the sake of studying.” In front of the court, the accused appeared, stressing that her goal was to interest the two children in studying, and she would not repeat this act again.

The court confirmed that the accused frankly admitted the charges against her before the police, and the confession is the master of evidence and the strongest when its conditions are met by being issued by an adult sane person and of free will without pressure or coercion. However, the court may take into account the confession of the accused against himself and others in any role of the investigation when it is satisfied of the correctness of his statements. Appeal No. 80/2012 is criminal.

The court indicated that it is reassured by the evidence presented against the accused, which is her confession to the police and the Public Prosecution, so it condemns and punishes her according to the referral articles it adopts, which are the “articles” of the aforementioned law decree, Article 9 of which stipulates imprisonment or a fine not exceeding 5,000 dirhams. .

The court imposed a fine of 1,100 dirhams in the presence of the accused and obligated her to pay the lawsuit fees.

The father of the two children filed a lawsuit in the Fujairah Federal Civil Court of First Instance, requesting to oblige the defendant to pay the plaintiff on behalf of himself and in his capacity as a natural guardian of his two minor sons AED 49,000 in compensation for the material, moral and psychological damages she and his two sons sustained as a result of the defendant’s mistake, after she assaulted them both. Without mercy or pity, the fixed injuries were caused by medical reports.

The plaintiff stated that the material damage was represented in the deprivation of his two sons from studying during their treatment period, in addition to the impact of their academic achievement due to the beating of their mother, and what happened spread terror in them instead of the mother’s affection for them, which made them withdraw into themselves and live in constant fear.

The court stated that the penal judgment has its authority before the civil court whenever it separates a necessary chapter in the occurrence of the act constituting the common basis between the criminal and civil lawsuits, and the court ruled in its presence obligating the defendant to pay the plaintiff 20,000 dirhams.


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