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Fishermen complain about the tightness of the “Sharqia” ports

The head of the Fishermen’s Cooperative Union in the country, Suleiman Al-Khadim Al-Antali, stated that the union is discussing with the concerned authorities solutions that will contribute to protecting the ports, providing safety for fishermen, and making it easier for them to practice their profession. It will also protect their property from any damage or damage as a result of any climatic changes that the region may witness.

Al-Antly confirmed that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure carried out maintenance work for a number of ports in the eastern region, specifically Dhadna, Al-Bidiya, Al-Raguilat, Murbah and Rawl Dibba, to preserve the fishing sector.

He added that the fishermen need to carry out periodic maintenance of their ports as a result of their exposure to strong winds, depressions and heavy rains, in addition to the fact that they complain of their narrowness when the sea water recedes. The Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Maryam Al Muhairi, formed a team to meet the fishermen every three months to find out the difficulties they face.

Al-Antly stated that the federation will present to the Ministry of Climate Change during the next meeting the need for fishermen to support marine, oil and diesel engines.

And he continued, “The federation is discussing with the concerned authorities the regulation of fish imports,” pointing to “determining the types of imported fish in proportion to the interest of both the consumer and the fisherman, so that the fisherman does not have to sell his fish at prices that expose him to financial losses.”

It is noteworthy that the ministry had set the end of last November as the date for opening tender envelopes for the maintenance of fishermen’s ports in the eastern region (Raghilat, Murbah, Rawl Dibba, Al Bidiyah, and the port of Dhadna). The tender included the provision of engineering consultancy services for the preparation of a specialized study and the design of permanent protection solutions for fishermen’s ports.


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