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EA is teaming up with Marvel for ‘at least’ three new games

EA and Marvel will be working together on “at least three” new action adventure games for console and PC. The first game in development is the already-announced Iron Man title from Motive Studio.

“Each of these games will be their own original stories set in the Marvel universe,” EA wrote in a blog post about the collaboration. But we don’t know much about the games beyond that, as EA and Marvel didn’t share details like what other superheroes might be featured or even release windows.

We might be waiting quite a while for any concrete news about the games. In a statement, Marvel Games executive vice president Jay Ong noted that the Motive team is “getting started” on the Iron Man game and that “we can’t wait for players to learn more in the far future.” If details on the one announced title are coming in the “far future,” it might be a very long time before we hear anything about the others.

It’s also another indication of Disney’s trust in EA to handle big franchise properties. The two companies announced a three-game collaboration for Star Wars earlier this year, with Apex Legends maker Respawn Entertainment leading development. One of the games in the works is a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, titled Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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