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Dubai Roads monitors tram drivers in real time with emotional artificial intelligence

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, in partnership with (Keulis-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) and Virchow Therapy and Research, have launched the third phase of trials using emotional artificial intelligence techniques to assess tram drivers in real time with the aim of ensuring the safety of passengers.

The Tram Driver Monitoring System is the first of its kind in the world to use emotional data analysis and automation, an artificial intelligence technology based on deep learning models provided by the Spanish company OnExperiences, through its research and development arm, Virchow Therapy and Research. UAE.

The authority works with both the technology provider and the Dubai tram operator (Keulis-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) to review and collect data, and the system includes installing a smart device and wearing an arm strap with the aim of obtaining a set of indicators to detect conditions such as heart rate, patterns and times of speech, reactions, and use To identify driving style, unsafe patterns, deflections and gestures, consistent with drivers’ personal profiles.

These solutions reduce the possibility of accidents due to human error by predicting behaviors that may threaten operational safety, which in turn creates a preventive response to prevent accidents and near misses, as well as providing information related to geographical locations, and thus can contribute to identifying ( hotspots) for concerns and address viable solutions.

The system assesses critical situations, provides an appropriate response through the built-in individual feature technology, and then the collected data is processed through routine processes to provide a comprehensive understanding of the individuals, in addition to identifying the profiles required to continuously improve the system.

Hassan Al-Mutawa, Director of the Rail Operation Department at the RTA’s Rail Agency, said that by working with partners, the authority has introduced these innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence technology, to ensure the safety of passengers, and if the experiment is successful, it is expected that this technology will be applied to all carriages. Dubai Tram.

“We live in a digital age, and we are constantly striving to keep pace with and employ applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning in daily operations,” said Wallace Werrell, General Manager of Keulis-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The main focus of the authority is to support the concept of Smart Dubai and its harmony with the Dubai Metro system, which is the pioneering fully automated driverless rail system in the region. With its proven track record in operating autonomous transportation, Keulis-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will work closely with the RTA to explore and implement artificial intelligence solutions in the tram drivers’ monitoring system, which is a small step towards a bigger and comprehensive picture.”


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