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Donald Trump Receives Stark Warning From Ex-Aide About Twitter Return


Former Trump White House communications director Alyssa Farah said Friday she expects Donald Trump to return to Twitter any day now following Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform.

But Farah explained to her co-hosts on ABC’s “The View,” on which she has been a permanent panelist since August, why she believes it may actually do the former president and the GOP more harm than good.

Farah framed a Trump return as “some good news for you ladies at the table.”

“I think it hurts him to be on Twitter. I don’t think his crazy statements get as much pick up on Truth Social as they did on Twitter,” she argued.

Farah recalled Trump attacking her this week on his own platform, Truth Social, for her criticism of him. She turned sour on her former boss following the deadly U.S. Capitol riot.

“No one noticed it,” she said of Trump’s attack on her. “It was like if a tree falls in the woods…”

“Twitter is different,” Farah added. “He’s going to have a way bigger platform, and it’s going to remind voters of how unhinged he was, of how much drama he created. And it’s going to make Republicans have to answer for everything.”

“It’s not good for the party or for him I don’t think.”

Trump was permanently banned from Twitter following his incitement of the deadly U.S. Capitol riot. Musk has said he plans to nix permanent bans for rule-breaking users, but Trump has claimed he will stick to his own platform.

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