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“Desert Light” overthrows the “supercartel” in 6 countries, with Emirati participation

Europol revealed that Operation Desert Light, in which six countries, including the United Arab Emirates, participated, targeted the command and control center and logistical infrastructure for one of the most dangerous criminal organizations specialized in drug smuggling and money laundering.

It indicated that the operations contributed to the arrest of 49 suspects, including 6 prominent leaders who run drug smuggling networks from Latin America to Europe, pointing out that the organization known as the “supercartel” is responsible for about a third of drug smuggling operations in Europe.

In detail, the European Police Organization stated that the operation was the culmination of joint security investigations between six different countries, namely Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States of America, and the United Arab Emirates, about extremely dangerous criminal operations carried out by an organization called the “supercartel” that runs a third Cocaine trade operations in continental Europe.

The organization indicated that the operation was carried out with great professionalism and directed the raids at the same time throughout Europe and the United Arab Emirates, from November 8 to 19, after law enforcement forces and combatants targeted the command and control center and the logistical infrastructure of the criminal “supercartel” organization in Europe

Investigations revealed the criminal organization’s involvement in smuggling cocaine to Europe, and money laundering crimes, and more than 30 tons of drugs were seized in the raids.

And it stated that the law enforcement authorities that participated in the operation were the Civil Guard in Spain, which contributed to the arrest of 13 members of the criminal organization, in addition to two prominent leaders, in coordination with the Dubai Police.

It also included the National Police in France, which arrested six suspects, in addition to two prominent members in Dubai in coordination with the UAE Ministry of Interior, and the Federal Judicial Police in Brussels, Belgium, which seized 10 suspects, in addition to the Criminal Investigation Division of the National Police and the Police Unit “Rotterdam”. In the Netherlands, which arrested 14 suspects, prominent members, in coordination with the Dubai Police.

The European Police Organization stated that, thanks to close coordination and continuous cooperation, it had obtained reliable information regarding the involvement of the “supercartel” gang in drug trafficking and flooding Europe with cocaine. The main targets and prominent elements who used encrypted communications were identified to organize and pass drug shipments.

She indicated that she had hosted more than ten coordination meetings during the past two years, to arrange with the countries participating in the operation, unify the goals, and develop an integrated strategy to overthrow the entire network and apprehend those involved, pointing out that she had continuously passed the latest developments and the results of intelligence analysis to field investigators and combatants. This contributed to the execution of the operations in a synchronized timing and the arrest of the accused.


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