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Adele Reveals How To Say Her Name ‘Perfectly’ — And We’ve Been So Wrong


Adele dropped a bombshell in a recent chat with fans, suggesting that many of us have been saying her name improperly.

In fielding a question from a London follower who called her “uh-DAYLE,” the Grammy-winning chart-topper replied: “Where is she from, Enfield or something? Love that. She said my name perfectly.”

The pop icon, who was promoting her “I Drink Wine” music video, noted that the moderator asked earlier how to say her name, and she repeated it to reinforce the lesson. “Uh-Dayle,” the London-born performer said.

So there you have it. It’s not “uh-DELL”, it’s “uh-DAYLE.”

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have tickets for Adele’s residency in Las Vegas beginning this month, now you’ll know how to scream her name the right way.

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