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A young man steals a car and commits traffic violations with 508,000 dirhams

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Claims rejected a lawsuit brought by a woman who demanded that traffic violations amounting to 508,700 dirhams be transferred from her traffic code to the traffic code of the defendant for committing the offenses after stealing her vehicle.

In the details, a girl filed a lawsuit against a young man in which she demanded that all traffic violations be transferred from her traffic code to his traffic code and handed over a clearance certificate from the Licensing and Traffic Department as well as addressing the various traffic departments to transfer the violations, traffic points, reservation allowance and its attachments from her traffic code To the traffic code of the defendant with obligating him to pay fees and expenses, noting that the defendant stole her vehicle and committed several traffic violations and was convicted under a criminal judgment in absentia, with one year imprisonment for the crime of theft and a fine of 500 dirhams for the crime of committing traffic violations.

The plaintiff submitted a memorandum explaining the value of the traffic violations, amounting to 508,700 dirhams, and did not pay the application fee, which was determined by her inability to pay it, while the defendant did not attend, and it was found that he had been imprisoned and refused to attend.

For its part, the court made it clear in the merits of its ruling that it is not acceptable to register any lawsuit, appeal, or request until after the due fee has been paid in full, unless a decision has been issued to exempt or postpone the fee in whole or in part. It is not subject to appeal, and the court shall decide not to accept the case if the prescribed fees are not paid and a deadline for payment is set.

The court indicated that it was established in the papers that the plaintiff did not pay the fee, and that the papers were devoid of submitting a request to the president of the court to request a postponement of the payment of the lawsuit fees or an exemption from it, and the papers were devoid of a statement of this, and then the lawsuit was considered unacceptable, and the court ruled that the lawsuit was not accepted for non-payment The legally prescribed fee with obligating the plaintiff to pay fees and expenses.


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