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A huge fine for the owner of a facility in Dubai for “violating labor”

The Dubai Nationality and Residency Prosecution referred the director of a company specialized in human resources consultancy to the court, accusing him of employing a foreigner without his sponsorship without complying with the terms of the sponsorship.

The head of the First Nationality and Residence Prosecution, Counselor Faisal Abdul-Malik Ahli, said that the accused employed seven violating employees who were arrested by the competent authorities. The court also imposed a fine of one thousand dirhams for workers violating the conditions of sponsorship, with deportation from the state for the charge of working for someone other than the sponsor and staying in the country illegally.

My family explained that the accused (the owner of the facility) was arrested after two female workers informed the security authorities that they were working for several families, and they were laid off and neither of them got her salary according to the prior agreement.

By asking the owner of the company, he admitted that he had committed what was attributed to him in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, and stated that he was working to guarantee the facility, and was responsible for operating the rest of the defendants in the case without obtaining the necessary approvals from the competent authorities.

Ahli indicated that the investigations concluded that the seven defendants came to the country on a visitor visa, and worked for a human resources consulting facility, either with expired visas or on other sponsorship, for periods ranging from one month to a year, during which they received their monthly salaries for a job as a sales executive, document printing and coordinator. Short films, archive writer.


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