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3 steps for employers to comply with the retirement law

Suhaila Al-Rumaithi, Director of the Employers and Insured Services Sector at the Abu Dhabi Retirement Fund, confirmed that the employers are a key partner in supporting and succeeding the Fund’s plans and projects and turning them into a tangible reality. the retirement.

Al-Rumaithi mentioned – during her speech in the first episodes of the “Majlis” awareness initiative, which was launched by the Fund today, Thursday, as part of its series of Ramadan initiatives, that employers’ compliance with the retirement law in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi requires three simple steps: the first is the registration of citizens at the specified time according to the law (10 working days). From the citizen employee joining the service), and paying the contributions on time, in addition to not delaying the submission of the end of service form of the insured to the fund, as the entity must submit it within 15 working days. The employer must also register itself with the fund as soon as a national employee joins it.

Al-Rumaithi indicated that adherence to these three steps ensures that the insured will obtain their rights guaranteed to them by law, and that any delay in them will have many consequences, foremost of which is the impact on the rights of citizens and the rights of their families, as it results in delaying the disbursement of the retirement pension or reward. The end of service, or if, God forbid, the citizen is exposed to any accident prior to his registration in the retirement system, which leads to the loss of his family’s rights and affects their financial situation and life and the loss of their rights that were guaranteed to them by the laws of the state, in addition to the consequences for the entity itself, as sums are imposed Additional 100 dirhams for each day of delay.

Al-Rumaithi also noted the need for the employer to update its data and the data of the insured persons registered with the fund as soon as any modification occurs to them to ensure effective communication, pointing out that the fund provides many services to support and educate employers through various channels, including: the official website of the fund, and the employer support center. And the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center, while providing information support to help it overcome the obstacles it faces in complying with the requirements of the law through awareness workshops, periodic publications, and awareness and media campaigns through various means of communication and communication.


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